Welcome to TBox Online demonstration.

You are currently connected to the embedded webserver of TBox. TBox RTU's offer you the possibility to view and control your sites remotely thanks to its dynamic embedded webpages. No need to be a Web expert to be able to design the TBox Webpages, Semaphore provides the WYSIWYG editor WebForm Studio in the TWinSoft Suite. (Note : A webpage in TBox is called a "WebForm".)

Two versions of WebForms are now available :

  • WebForm 1.0

    WebForm 1.0 is the old version of WebForm. This version has been around for over 15 years and has been used by thousands of customers all over the world. This version of TBox webpage is based on ActiveX technology and is therfore only compatible with Windows OS and the browser "Internet Explorer". WebForm 1.0 is available for all TBox models. For more details, ask Doctor TBox.

    If you want to access the WebForm 1.0 Demonstration, click here. (The installation of the TBox WebForm ActiveX is necessary to view the demonstration. It will be prompted automatically on the next page.).

  • WebForm 2.0

    Nowadays all people have smartphones and/or tablets. Semaphore realized that these technologies are now more and more used in the RTU market and decided to develop a new WebForm version in order to be compatible with these devices. That's why TBox WebForms version 2.0 have been created. WebForm 2.0 technology is compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices (PC, laptop, tablets and Smartphones). This version is only available for MS-CPU32 and TBoxLT2 models.

    If you want to access the WebForm 2.0 Demonstration, click here.